Claudio Ranieri and 5 Factors Decrease the performance of Leicester City

Leicester City, through the official site, Thursday (23/2/2017), announced the termination of the contract of Claudio Ranieri. On the basis of what they fire the manager who successfully offered the first Premier League title for The Foxes in the 2015-2016 season?
In the last season, Leicester City’s tumultuous world that after delivering the Leicester City won the Premier League. In fact, at the beginning of the season, United Kingdom media predict chances of Leicester City grabbed the title champion of 1:5000.
However, parties Leicester City only takes a short amount of time. In the summer of2016-2017, Jamie Vardy‘s performance and his friends declined sharply. In fact, nowthey must fight on the bottom of the standings while the Premier League not degraded.
Until the weekend, Leicester City was ranked the 17th the standings by gaining 21, superior or just one number from the limits of the zone of degradation of the Hull City in the 18th position.Placeholder Image
Leicester City goalkeeper Kasper Schmeichel stated, the appearance of The Foxes onthis season is very embarrassing. The match against Sevilla Leicester City lost 1-2in the Champions League also became the last action for Claudio Ranieri.
Here are five fundamental reasons which is expected to be a factor in the decline in the performance of Leicester so tipped against the sacking of Claudio Ranieri.
1. the N’Golo Kanté
The decision of the Leicester City melego N’Golo Kanté to Chelsea in the summer of2016 reaping sharp criticism. France midfielder who was recruited from Caen by around 5.6 million pounds ($ 93 billion) it is one of the important pillars behind the performance of Leicester City last season.
N’Golo Kanté indeed scored only one goal and four assists from a total of 40 matches at Leicester City last season. However, the player’s toughness in keeping defensein the middle of a very special.
According to Opta, in the last three seasons in the Premier League, the N’Golo Kanté is recorded as the third player who has a combination of tekel success and most interceptions (401 times). Interestingly, the N’Golo Kanté noted achievement was only one season career under Claudio Ranieri.
N’Golo Kanté migrated to Chelsea with around 32 million pounds. This season, he became an important player in the middle of the squad‘s Antonio Conte.
2. Purchase fails
Status as the Premier League champions, Leicester City actually has a great opportunity get started a new era as the Club “above board“. However, they failed, one because the wrong recruiting new players.
Islam Slimani club record as the most expensive players after being recruited from Sporting Lisbon with around 30 million pounds. However, the 28 year old striker did not give great influence due to the frequent injury. In this season, a new print Slimani five goals and three assists in the Premier League.
Such is the case with goalkeeper Ron-Robert Zieler. So far, the former goalkeeper ofHannover 96 was only recorded one clean sheet. Meanwhile, Ahmed Musa who removed from CSKA Moscow with around 16 million pounds any performed disappointingly in the midfield.
3. Athletic Performance
In this season, Leicester City have never been away party victory. Of the 13 matches,Leicester City swallow 10 defeat. In fact, bad record that began in their first match in the Premier League, 20162017 after losing 1-2 at home to Hull City.
Leicester City was only able to grab points away against Tottenham Hotspur, StokeCity and Middlesbrough. The third, however, the match ended in a draw.
4. Mentality
Claudio Ranieri had declared the players hit by the problem of mentality into the team champion. According to him, it is nature when there is a team which had not seeded, suddenly able to become champion.Placeholder Image
The explanation was simple, but impressed actually is. Leicester City players — who never imagined would get a salary of 100,000 per week — now look more “casual”. In fact, their demands now is much greater because of the need to also compete in the UEFA Champions League.
In fact, according to media-media news coverage of United Kingdom, Leicester Citysupporters now are no longer “fierce” as last season. One of the main factors of course because of the appearance of Jamie Vardy and his friends considered far belowstandard.
5. the Tinkerman is back
Claudio Ranieri like got a windfall on last season. He won the Premier League when it became one of the “favoriteManager who was laid off in the United Kingdom is threatened due to frequent dismantling pairs players. That’s a habit based, Claudio Ranieri called the Tinkerman.
However, such oversight was missing after the player Leicester City appeared very solid on last season. Every game, every player know the tasks and roles that are performed within the team. Therefore, Claudio Ranieri did not need to make changes to squads of every game.
This season certainly different stories. The departure of N’Golo Kanté, Claudio Ranieri back making a playlist brain to find the right formula. Unfortunately, he got the anomalies. Change of tactics to make the Leicester City player confusion. Not to mention the speaking of the issue of injury to players.
On January 22, and then, after losing 0-3 from Southampton at St Mary’s Stadium, Claudio Ranieri even admitted himself was indeed wrong to apply tactics. In addition,he also considered unable to return to maximize the role of JamieVardy and RiyadMahrez yag performed very well in the last season.

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