The End Of The Tragic Journey Of Claudio Ranieri Alongside Leicester City

All beginning definetly meet the end, that’s the right phrase for togetherness Claudio Ranieri alongside Leicester City after the Club’s management decided to fire his Manager on Thursday (23/2/2017).
According to a friend of Claudio Ranieri, Massimo Marianella, the Manager is not at all thought if management will give a red card to him. Marianella said if the Club’s decision was made suddenly and without any warning to Ranieri.
The dismissal also addressed emotionally by Gary Lineker who is a former United Kingdom national team player and supporter of Leicester City. Lineker thinks if The Foxes had made the wrong decision and sad.
“After what Claudio Ranieri against Leicester City, the management makes a decision that is not grounded, not pathetic and inexcusable,” Lineker wrote in his personalTwitter account.Placeholder Image
In addition, Lineker also gives a sense of sympathy with utter gratitude on account Instagram hers.
The emotional attitude shown Lineker is comprehensible since Ranieri considered the figure of the hero for supporters of Leicester City. Ranieri was the manager who was able to realize a dream that might previously only sheer wishful thinking.
Ranieri came to Leicester City at the beginning of the season of the 2015-16 as a substitute for Nigel Pearson. The Foxes into the second United Kingdom clubs which handled Ranieri. Previously, Ranieri ever deal with Chelsea in the period 2000-2004.
He joined Leicester City, Claudio Ranieri was not charged with a daunting target. He just has to make The Foxes compete in mid-table and spared from relegation zone.But along their journey in 2015-16, a dream that never occured before starting to soar.
Ranieri, Change The Dreams Come True
Leicester City started three matches the beginning of the Premier League with a surprising performance. As the previous season the Club struggled to avoid relegationabyss, Leicester were able to perch in the top position for three weeks the first Premier League 2015-16.
At the time, soccer connoisseurs regard the success of Leicester City is only temporary. They suspect The Foxes will be trouble so great clubs met and just compete in the Middle Board standings as the competition goes.
But that‘s not expected is Leicester managed to demonstrate a consistent performance when dealing with clubs other than Arsenal and Liverpool. The 2015-16 season,The Foxes just swallow three defeats in the Premier League, two from Arsenal and one of the Reds.
One thing that is less reliable, the worst position Leicester in the summer of 2015-16 was sixth, they experienced on the seventh week after the surrender of the Arsenal.
Leicester back to the first position on the 22nd weekend Premier League and after that there is no other Club in the Premier League that is able to take over the position of the standings of The Foxes.
Leicester crowned themselves as champions of Premier League 2015-16 at the weekend to35. It does not escape the draw experienced Tottenham Hotspur when on a trip to Chelsea.Placeholder Image
Ranieri had success with gold ink deliver The Foxes won the Premier League for the first time (and maybe the only one) in the history of the Club.
The success of Claudio Ranieri brought Leicester won the Premier League make supporters of The Flying Foxes to the seventh heaven. Lineker is part of the supportersclubs, willingly promised to use the boxer shorts in the television shows she Scoutson the next season.
Back Into The Tinkerman
Club euphoria continued until finally Leicester City enter the 2016-17 season. At the start of season Leicester City gets an attack of the clubs who wanted to recruit players they pillar, namely the N’Golo Kanté, Jamie Vardy and Riyad Mahrez.
While Ranieri defended Vardy and Mahrez, Leicester City must answer the Kanté signed to Chelsea. Lost Kanté makes the game Leicester City was lame.
The nickname The Tinkerman who had forgotten, back pinned to Ranieri due to continue searching for a suitable game scheme for Leicester City. In addition, the performance of Vardy and Mahrez also considerably decreased if compared to the seasonwas.
The thing that scared ever happened, a defeat for the sake of defeat experienced Leicester City. Until finally they’re on Board down the standings. As the defending champion status, family clubs, achievement of The Foxes is considered pathetic.
After passing the Premier League match of week 26, Leicester is perched in the 17thposition with a collection of 21 points from the results of five victories and six draw.
Threatened degraded, the management of the Club represented Aiyawatt Srivaddhanaprabha, announced that they were ending the togetherness of the Club with Ranieri on 23 February 2017.

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