Eden Hazard: hard to beat Chelsea at Stamford Bridge

Chelsea midfielder Eden Hazard, said the current team in the Premier League would be the difficulty of victory when playing at Stamford Bridge. The hazard rate even there are some teams that are certainly lost before the game starts.
Chelsea are in a resounding performance in 2016-2017. Chelsea had won 13 consecutive matches in the Premier League competition.
Impressive statistics that directly impact on the position of Chelsea in the standingswhile at this time. They recorded the sound perched on top with 60 points, winningeight points of Tottenham Hotspur who occupy second place.
All of our opponents will be hard-pressed to victory when melakoni matches at Stamford Bridge. Some teams even already feel defeated before the game starts. To be honest, we play better than last season, “said Hazard.
“Currently, our games are like two years ago. When it is, we won the Premier Leaguetrophy. We were on a high level of confidence. The supporters also continue to give our support, “said Hazard.
In the next match, Chelsea will face Swansea City in the 26th week of the Premier League at Stamford Bridge Stadium, Saturday (25/2/2017). The triumph of death ratesfor Eden Hazard and his friends to keep desperate to grab the title.
The Liverpool striker, Divock Origi, claiming to want to make Jurgen Klopp difficulties in terms of selecting the composition of players. The player hopes like that in order to have a chance to play.Radja Nainggolan: Last Season We Just Play Pretty
Divock Origi recorded have been repackaged 21 appearances in the Premier Leaguecompetition in 2016-2017. However, the former Lille player is more often melakoni the match from the bench.
Belgium midfielder was even just play for eight minutes in his last two games in thePremier League. As a result, Divock Origi started sultry with her situation.
“This is a season of ups and downs for me. The most important thing for me is to play at this time. I love football and want to play in every game, “said Origi.
I am always confident it could help the team because it has quality. I want to makethe Manager’s difficulty, when he thought about not playing me. When the Manager of the difficulty of choosing a skuatnya, it is a positive thing, “said Origi.
In the next match, Origi Divock could appear when Liverpool meets Leicester City inthe 26th week of the Premier League, at the King Power Stadium, Monday (27/2/2017).
The Manchester United manager, Jose Mourinho, Henrikh Mkhitaryan and Judge Michael Carrick will not be displayed in the Action League Cup final English cuisine cons Southampton, at Wembley Stadium, on Sunday (26/2/2017).
Jose Mourinho said it was after Manchester United’s 1-0 victory over Saint-Etienne in the second leg of the Europa League at the big 32 Stade Geoffroy-Guichard, Wednesday (22/2/2017) local time. In that game, the figure of the second injury. HenrikhMkhitaryan was pulled out at 25. Meanwhile, Jose Mourinho replacing Michael Carrick with Bastian Schweinsteiger (62 ‘).
To be honest, I don’t think Mkhitaryan and Carrick could recover on time. They will be absent in the final game. This assumption is based on experience, not because Ihave the medical knowledge, “said Mourinho.
I think there is no chance for them to play. I repeat, it’s all just based on experience. You can be injured when leaving home. However, when a player is absent it is an opportunity for others, “said Mourinho.
The Manchester United goal in the match Mkhitaryan Henrik printed in the 17th minute. These results make Paul Pogba and his friends escaped to the Europa League round of 16 since winning 4-0 on aggregate over Saint-Etinne.Radja Nainggolan: Last Season We Just Play Pretty
According to the UEFA throughout the game, Manchester United can’t afford dominance because only claimed 43 percent of possession, as against 57 belongs to Saint-Etienne.
Not only that, Manchester United also lost in terms of creating chances. They only had a nine-ball shots, but only three that led to the goal. On the other hand, Saint-Etienne got five chances cleanly from 17 chances.

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