Arsenal Keep Asa Premier League Champion for the sake of Supporters

Striker, Alex OxladeChamberlain, admitted he still saves desperate to bring Arsenalwinning the title for the sake of satisfying thirst the supporters who never tired of giving support.
Arsenal is currently ranked fourth while Premier League standings by gaining 50 points from 25 matches. The Gunners left behind 10 points from Chelsea who occupy the first position.
Despite their difference in points is pretty far, Chamberlain stated if the hunt for the Premier League title has not yet been completed. Indicates the player would like to dedicate it to the title of supporters who never tired of supporting The Gunners forachievement.
Supporters of Arsenal‘s excellent, both while playing at home or away. They kept screaming provide support so that we can hear when they are happy or sad, “said Chamberlain.
The fans want us to win the Premier League, so they will be frustrated if we lose. I understand their disappointment, because we also want to grab the victory and win the League, “continued United Kingdom national team players.
At the end of this week, Arsenal did not undergo match Premier League because their opponents, Southampton, will compete in the League Cup final game United Kingdom facing Manchester United. This opportunity is used to restore Wenger condition physically and mentally the players by giving an extra break time.
But Arsenal will undergo a schedule heavy on the weekend of 27th Premier League (4/2/2017), that game away to face Liverpool at Anfield Stadium.Placeholder Image
Manchester City Defender, John Stones, admitted to not take dizzy with all the criticism directed at him. Stones optimistic ability and performance would grow as time goes on.
Performance of Stones into the spotlight when Manchester City win 5-3 over AS Monaco at Etihad Stadium in the first leg of the Champions League season 2016-2017, Tuesday (21/2/2017). The stones had time to slip when Radamel Falcao escorting a third guest team scored a goal on 61 minutes.
Criticism comes always hard, you just have to take it in stride and not worrying about yourself. Of course, I could have done better when one-on-one duel when facingFalcao. I will try hard to raise it in practice. In my opinion, there is an element of luckinvolved, but it sometimes happens, “said Stones.
I got sharp criticism, but there are a lot of things repeatedly I will look and see how to enhance it. Apart from the moment I slipped, we are quite solid and survive well,except when they conceded three goals. “
“I have the support here and know when displaying a good or bad performance. I am always honest to yourself by recognizing if making a mistake. I think can thrive and continue to step up. I felt it was in the right path, “said Stones.
Stones proceed to Etihad Stadium in August 2016. Manchester City recruit players aged 22 years it is with Everton from 47.5 million pounds or equivalent Rp 794 billion.
The stones became the first choice Manager Josep Guardiola to Duet with Nicolas Otamendi. All season 2016-2017, United Kingdom national team Defender it notes 32appearances in various event.
The Manchester United player, Ashley Young, assessing his team has a good capitalto compete in all the races of the competition that they follow the 2016-17 season.
Manchester United struggled in four competitions this season, that is the Premier League, Europa League, FA Cup and League Cup. Young argues if the depth of the squad who owned Manchester United makes them a chance to clean sweep the titles of the competition.
Of course, we are able to compete in all competitions. We still compete in four competitions and want to win them all if it could, “exclaimed the Young.
“We have a strong squad depth. Whenever the player is called upon, he can give 110 percent and deploy everything, “said the 31-year-old player.
Manchester United’s first trophy grabbed another step in 2016-2017. Foster care Jose Mourinho managed to advance to the League Cup final and will face United Kingdom Southampton at Wembley Sunday (26/2/2017).
In addition, Manchester United managed to penetrate and FA Cup quarter-final against Chelsea at Old Trafford on Monday (13/3/2017). Wayne Rooney also qualified for the Europa League round of 16 after getting rid of Saint-Etienne with an aggregate total of 40.Placeholder Image
However, steps towards the Manchester United Premier League champions-seasonpodium 2016-2017 is pretty heavy. Because, the Red Devils inhabiting the sixth provisional standings with 48 points or lagging 12 digits from Chelsea who tops the standings.

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