3 Chinese Club who could Recruit Wayne Rooney

The Manchester United striker, Wayne Rooney again graced the European mediamedia news coverage after the rumored step again to reach an agreement with one of the Chinese Super League club. The indications because Paul Stretford, agent Wayne Rooney, has been in China.


According to The Sun, Paul Stretford arrived in China and settled in Renaissance Tianjin Downtown Hotel, since the beginning of this week. He was reported to want todiscuss the subject of proposals offer salary of 1 million pounds (about Rp 16 billion) proposed to the Tianjin Quanjian.


Wayne Rooney still bound by the contract at Manchester United until June 30, 2019.However, the former Everton player intends to leave Old Trafford after ceased to bethe primary choice of Manchester United’s Manager, Jose Mourinho.


Wayne Rooney joined Manchester United in 2004. For approximately 13 years career along the Red Devil, a 31-year-old player that records a variety of records, one of which is as a scorer in the history of the Club.


Thus, the Club which would be Wayne Rooney if so decided, she moved from Manchester United? The following are three Chinese Super League clubs who could get an autograph of the major players:


Beijing Guoan
Beijing Guoan is one big club in the Chinese Super League. The Club shot former coach Granada, Jose Gonzalez, never won the Chinese Super League in 2009.


There are at least two factors that can make the Beijing Guoan could secure the services of Wayne Rooney. First, they still have one foreign player slot, slot after three and the rest belongs to Renato Augusto (Brazil), Burak Yilmaz (Turkey), and Ralf (Brazil).


In addition, Beijing Guoan is also one of the rich clubs in China. In fact, according to Forbes, Beijing Gouan is the second most expensive clubs with a total of around squads that reached 167 million u.s. dollars (USD 2.2 trillion) and revenue of 30 million us dollars ($ 400 billion) in 2015.


Jiangsu Suning
Jiangsu Suning also could get an autograph because Wayne Rooney still has one slot again for foreign players. Runner-up Chinese Super League has recruited it before 2016 Ramires (Brazil), Alex Teixeira (Brazil), and Roger Martinez (Colombia).


Jiangsu Suning pun is known as one of the Club’s “giant” in terms of the budget for the new players spending. In 2016, the Suning Group Holding are even able to acquire a majority stake in Inter Milan.


Tianjin Quanjian
Tianjin Quanjian became the most likely clubs he brought Wayne Rooney. Tianjin Quanjian coach, Fabio Cannavaro, has even confirm it was indeed enter the name ofWayne Rooney as a transfer target.


The process of negotiations between representatives of the clubs and agents are reportedly still ongoing. If Tianjin Quanjian agreed to give a salary of 1 million pounds per week, the move to China Wayne Rooney will be getting closer to reality.


Tianjin Quanjian also still have one empty slot for foreign players. If merged, WayneRooney will be one team together with Axel Witsel (Belgium), Geuvanio (Brazil), as well as Aleksandre Pato (Brazil).


Paul Stretford, Manchester United striker, Wayne Rooney, is rumored to The Sun, Thursday (23/2/2017), was already in China to negotiate with Chinese Super League club Tianjin, Quanjian.


Wayne Rooney at Manchester United contract until 30 June 2019. The name of the player repeatedly preached would leave Old Trafford after ceased to be the primary choice of Manager Jose Mourinho.


In the summer of 2016-2017, of a total of 25 matches of the Premier League carriedManchester United, Wayne Rooney 17 melakoni laga, with nine of them as a substitute. Top scorer in the history of Manchester United‘s two goals putting the new.


That way, no Wayne Rooney flying hours is better than last season. On the 25th weekend Premier League 2015-2016, Wayne Rooney melakoni 23 matches, with only one of them appears as a substitute.


The reason that’s playing minutes identified the leading cause of Wayne Rooney intends to leave. Moreover, the Manchester United manager, Jose Mourinho, had admitted to not be able to ensure the future of the former Everton player at Old Trafford.


According to The Sun, Paul Stretford has been in China since early this week and settled at Renaissance Tianjin Downtown Hotel. The agents reportedly were talking about Wayne Rooney‘s salary negotiations by 1 million pounds ($ 16 billion) per week.


However, as The Sun tried to confirm, a spokesman for Tianjin Quanjian simply said,“we have no official news about Wayne Rooney at the moment.


On Wednesday (22/2/2017), coach of Tianjin Quanjian, Fabio Cannavaro, confessed to indeed enter the name of Wayne Rooney as a transfer target. However, according to him, there has been no official offer which was party to the management clubManchester United.

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