5 Best Scorer Theo Walcott along with Arsenal

Theo Walcott carve out special notes along with Arsenal against Sutton United in the fifth round of the FA Cup season 2016-2017 at Borough Sports Ground, Friday(20/2/2017).
Thanks to superior goals arsenal Lucas Perez utilizes assists Granite Xhaka on 26 minutes. Walcott complete victory The Gunners into a 2-0 after breaking into the goalpost at Sutton United thanks to assists Alex Iwobi on 55 minutes.
Walcott strengthens Arsenal since recruited from Southampton with around 10.5 million euros ($ 148 billion) in January 2006. Than a striker, Walcott more often operate as a winger.453
Throughout his career, Walcott has also suffered a series of injuries that forced him to have to be absent from the field to the green. However, it does not hinder him tocontribute to the Arsenal through nicks.
Including a goal against Sutton United, Theo Walcott has slotted 100 touchdowns along with Arsenal. Some of the goals of which were created at an importantmoment.
Here are five of the best scorer Theo Walcott alongside Arsenal:
1. Chelsea 3-5 Arsenal (Premier League, October 29, 2011)
This was one of the best goal Walcott along with Arsenal and was created in the Premier League. When the same strong score 2-2, he took The Gunners back excelled over Chelsea.
Walcott ran broke through the siege of Chelsea players and almost falling over. However, he managed to break away from the ball and launched a hard kick from the penalty box which is among the most anticipated fail goalkeeper Petr Cech.
Performing in front of the suporternya who gathered at Stamford Bridge, Chelsea continued to attempt to pursue failed. Apesnya, The Blues had to admit the superiority of Arsenal with a score of 3-5.
2. Arsenal 2-1 Manchester City (December 21, 2015)
Despite performing at the Emirates Stadium, Arsenal continued to digempur the players ahead of Manchester City. Kevin De Bruyne had two chances which failed to penetrate the goalkeeper Petr Cech.
The pressure subsided after Arsenal managed to open the score at minute 33. The goal from Mesut Ozil cooperation and Theo Walcott in front of the Manchester City penalty area.
Walcott is not a typical goals from outside the penalty box. However, the line behind Manchester City make the mistake of letting her have space open so successfullyconquered Joe Hart.
Arsenal adds goals through Olivier Giroud lobbed down the drink. Manchester Citygoal Yaya Toure through entertainers that maximize bait Bacary Sagna eight minutes towards the end of normal time the Premier League matches.
3. Arsenal 7-3 Newcastle United (29 December 2012)
Drama 10 goals graced victory over Arsenal Newcastle United in the Premier Leaguein 2012. Walcott managed to record a hat-trick against The Magpies bubaran admits.
Arsenal barely overtaken them due to the top team by a score of 6-3. Entering a late injury time of the second half, Walcott is still working to enlarge the superiority ofThe Gunners.454
Walcott had a crash when dijegal in the penalty box of Newcastle United. However,she immediately rose up and drove the ball past the adangan four-player team.
Newcastle United, goalkeeper Tim Krul, was flabbergasted when Walcott gouging the ball to get into the hand. Arsenal win 7-3 over The Magpies.
4. Arsenal 4-1 West Bromwich Albion (May 24, 2015)
Theo Walcott finds his best performance after slowly recovering from a long injury.He recorded the first hat-trick in his professional career when against West Bromwich Albion in the Premier League in may 2015.
Santi Cazorla releasing bait pull from inside the penalty box West Bromwich Albion in 38 minutes. Walcott grabbed the ball to rip the opponent and Arsenal winning four goals without reply.
Arsenal finally closed the game with a 4-1 victory over West Bromwich Albion. The only goal the guest team comforter printed Gareth McAuley who Chris Brunt from the corner on 57 minutes.
5. Chelsea 2-1 Arsenal (25 February 2007)
Entering the season two along with Arsenal, Walcott appeared as a starter in the League Cup final United Kingdom in February 2007. At that time, Walcott turn the hopeThe Gunners to be champion.
After working with Abou Diaby, Walcott beguiling one opposing defender and into the Chelsea penalty area. He successfully conquered the Petr Cech standing under The crossbar in the 12th minute.
Apesnya League Cup trophy, fell to Chelsea. Didier Drogba managed to buy up two goals against Arsenal and Chelsea reply, each at the 20th minute and 84.

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