6 story behind MU Victory over West Ham

Manchester United made sure the League Cup semifinals qualify for the United Kingdom after the 4-1 win over West Ham United at Old Trafford, Manchester, on Wednesday (11/29/2016) local time. Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Anthony Martial each scored two goals in that game.


The victory was achieved without the presence of Jose Mourinho on the sidelines. The Special One has to undergo a one-game ban sanctions due to actions that violate the rules while FA rated Manchester United against West Ham United in the Premier League last weekend.


This time the game became for the second time for Mourinho did not accompanyManchester United on the side of the field. Earlier, the Manager of the origin of Portugal was also absent are in the ranks of the bench when the Red Devils a 3-1 win over Swansea City at the Liberty Stadium, Swansea, on Sunday (6/2/2016).


Meanwhile, other sanctions fines also never accepted the official since Jose Mourinho’s deal with The Red Devils. Mourinho was fined £ 58,000 after removing negative comments related the integrity of referee Anthony Taylor admits Liverpool counter action, October 17, 2016.


In addition to the absence of Mourinho, there are also some moments when conquering Manchester United West Ham United. Here is a selection of interesting moments Bola.com.


1. No Pogba, No Problem


Manchester United couldn’t play Paul Pogba undergoing sanction the accumulation of yellow cards. Without Pogba, Mourinho menduetkan Ander Herrera and MichaelCarrick as a central midfielder.


In fact, Manchester United grabbed a victory ratio of 100 per cent when the Pogbadoesn’t play. Throughout this season, the costliest players rolling a world that did not appear in three games in various event.


The first game without the Pogba case when Manchester United won 3-1 over AFCBournemouth in the Liberty Stadium, 14 August 2016. Then, Pogba was still working to improve fitness after undergoing a long post-war holiday time defending Francein Euro 2016.


Pogba then absent when Manchester United a 3-1 win over Northampton Town in the third round of the League Cup, United Kingdom, September 21, 2016. France midfielder was deliberately kept Mourinho who wanted to give a chance to the other players to feel the minute play is enough.


Lastly, Pogba doesn’t appear when Manchester United get rid of West Ham United in the League Cup quarter-final United Kingdom. As a result, The Red Devils still win and qualify for the semifinals to meladeni Hull City.


Henrikh Mkhitaryan Charm 2.


Mkhitaryan Henrikh began a new Rekrutan can adapt to the style of play Manchester United. Armenia midfielder recorded two assists from four goals created against West Ham United.


The first bait Mkhitaryan scoring the opener led to Zlatan Ibrahimovic at the 2nd minute. At the start of the second half, again sending the feedback is converted into atouchdown to Anthony Martial brought Manchester United winning 2-1.


So far, Mkhitaryan already appeared in nine Manchester United on many different event. Two of the last three games as core players, Mkhitaryan was crowned as the best players.


The players reluctantly jemawa for his performance which began to improve. I am glad we were able to win and qualify for the semi-final,” said the former Borussia Dortmund player was.


3. Wayne Rooney absent cons Everton


While Manchester United are already winning 2-1, Wayne Rooney received a yellow card due to breaking one of the players of West Ham United at meint to-53. It became the fifth yellow card of the Champions League this season in all round competition, which made her United Kingdom must undergo a sanction the accumulation ofyellow cards.


The sanctions made Rooney absent when Manchester United visit Everton, to the headquarters of the week (4/12/2016). In fact, the game is pretty special because Rooney is the player The Toffees upbringing.


Since playing for Manchester United, Rooney was recorded already received 95 yellow cards in different event. Meanwhile, Rooney was also rewarded the third yellow card 17 is still playing at Everton for the past two seasons.


The match was also be the failure to attain the goals record Rooney Sir Bobby Charlton at Manchester United. Rooney still pack the 248 goals or any one goal from Charlton as player notes tersubur Red Devil of all time.
4. Phil Jones, The Golden Boy
Phil Jones became the only player who is irreplaceable in the last five matches of Manchester United. Manager Jose Mourinho starting to trust Jones as the pillars of the back-line team.
After recovering from a lengthy injury, Jones initiated action in this inaugural seasonwhen Manchester United won 3-1 over Swansea City at the Liberty Stadium, Sunday(6/2/2016). After that, Jones is always performing and never replaced in a match.
Since Jones play, Manchester United have not swallowed a single defeat. The goal, however, The Red Devils have already conceded four goals and just one clean sheet in the last five matches.
Mourinho‘s confidence to Jones could make three to four players contested designate a position as his running mate. Eric Bailly, Chris Smalling, Marcos Rojo, and DaleyBlind can not get full trust Mourinho since the beginning of this season.
5. A warm welcome for Bastian Schweinsteiger
Counter action West Ham United into a rare moment of Bastian Schweinsteiger. Midfielder Germany it appeared for the first time this season.
Schweinsteiger replaced Anthony Martial on 86 minutes. Schweinsteiger recorded two successful bait and let go of one shot in the game like that.
When getting into the field, Schweinsteiger a rousing ovation from the Old Traffordpublic. The Manchester United supporters encourage the player every time it touched the ball.
Schweinsteiger almost scored when sliced thin deviated from the goal only West Ham United in the 90th minute.
Mourinho should be heard greeting supporters to Schweinsteiger. While touching the ball for the first time and opened fire, Schweinsteiger had the support of incredible spirit, “said BBC journalist, Simon Stone, who was at Old Trafford.

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