Wayne Rooney Faces Bleed When Carrying Manchester United Win

Manchester City’s Manager, Pep Guardiola, Daily Star, reportedly will return back upYaya Toure when Manchester City face Chelsea at the weekend Premier League (3/12/2016).
Toure had just returned to the main squad The Citizens after making peace with Guardiola. The Ivory Coast midfielder look good when bringing City beat Crystal Palace2-1 (19/11/1999). Two goals from Yaya Toure made the City keep the opportunity to compete at the top the Premier League standings.
Toure is believed to inhabit the starter position back when the City into the headquarters of Burnley (26/11/1999). In the action, The Citizens of full figure after stealingthe win 2-1 and continued stalking Chelsea who were in the top of the table in the meantime.
However the news was less good back upon the player. The reason, Real Madrid intend to suggest Toure when the City competed against Chelsea at the weekend, Saturday (3/12/2016). On laga scramble for positionthe Premier League, Champions League intent on lowering the duet Fernandinho and Ilkay Gundogan central midfielder.
Origin of the Spain Manager deliberately shutting down Gundogan in games against Crystal Palace and Burnley, so ready were revealed when the City faced with Chelsea.
Toure‘s chances for survival in the small is Etihad Stadium after Real Madrid can’t guarantee its position in the main squad for Manchester City. The contract of the 33-year-old player will run out at the end of the 2016-17 season.448
Liverpool legend Phil Thompson, assess the absence of Philippe Coutinho may be ablessing for The Reds. Because, the squad‘s Jurgen Klopp will adapt it to remove thedependency to the Brazil midfielder.
“I believe Liverpool have a great chance this year. However, with cederanya Coutinho, all can know whether it will have an impact on Liverpool‘s performance on the field, “said Thompson.
“If Liverpool remain on top the standings and can continue to compete with his rival, then it is a positive thing. Then, when Coutinho has returned to play, Liverpoolwill be the closer heading into the Championship, “further strengthen Liverpool players in 1971-1984.
Coutinho should undergo treatment for five weeks due to a foot injury. It experienced when helping Liverpool win 2-0 over Sunderland in the Premier League continued weekend, November 26, 2016.
As a result, Coutinho will absent in seven matches in the Premier League from December to early January 2017. The match passed the player is cons Bornemouth(4/12/2016), West Ham United (11/12/2016), Middlesbrough (14/12/2016), Everton(19/12/2016), Stoke City (27/12/2016), Manchester City (31/1/2017) and Sunderland(2/12/2016)
This season, Coutinho is able to perform impressive with Liverpool. Recorded, he has had each of the six goals and assists, from 14 appearances in all competitions.
Thanks to the appearance of the scintillating Coutinho it, Liverpool were able to perch on the second stage standings while the Premier League with a collection of 30 points. They were only linked to one point from Chelsea who inhabit the top spot.
Manchester United (MU) success winning 4-1 over West Ham United in the League Cup quarter-final match of the United Kingdom, at the Old Trafford Stadium, Wednesday (30/11/1999). However, the positive results of this THY tinged a bloody incident.
This event involves the captain of the Red Devils, Wayne Rooney, as well as the West Ham Defender Winston Reid. On the pertegahan of the second half, Rooney attempting to bait his colleagues welcome the use of the head.447
Reid who attempted to thwart Rooney overshadow the action using his feet. However, the action of the Defender turned out to be about United Kingdom national team captain face area.
As a result, Rooney got injured in his left cheek torn bodies and any referee stopped the game for a while. The attacker was directly got 31 years intesif treatment by the medical team.
However, the injuries experienced by Rooney was not serious. The proof, the playeris able to continue the match until the second half the length of the whistle sound.
Meanwhile, goals in the game, Zlatan Ibrahimovic scored in the 2nd minute and 90, as well as through Anthony Martial (48 ‘, 62 ‘). Meanwhile, The Hammers goal written Ashley Fletcher (35 ‘). These results make sure MU qualified for the semi-finals, which will be occasions in January 2017.

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