Grieve, Lucas Difficult playing in a match Liverpool Vs Leeds

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp, khawtir with the attitude of the media to the sons of asuhnya, Ben Woodburn. Klopp did not want to make a media crew news that isexcessive.
It said Klopp, after Liverpool’s 2-0 victory over Leeds United in the League Cup quarterfinals on Tuesday, United Kingdom (29/11/1999). In that game, scoring one goal,successful Woodburn on 81 minutes. That goal made him the youngest player in history to The Reds.
I am very happy over the achievement of Woodburn. However, I worry about you the media. That’s why I don’t talk much about this (record Woodburn), “said Klopp.
The media often renders positive achievement-related preaching a player. However,the positive things it could backfire, because the public‘s expectations to be high.
“Think and do what you guys (the media) want. However, don’t write anything exaggeration about Woodburn. Write only ‘ leading scorer, Ben Woodburn ‘ already wrote it that way, “she continued.440
Woodburn is the original cast correction Academy Liverpool. This season, he played with The Reds squad U-18. Up to this point, the player has scored six goals and fiveassists from 12 appearances in all competitions. Men 17 years it’s contract with Liverpool until June 30, 2019.
Pedro Rodriguez decided to join Chelsea from Barcelona in the early season 2015/16. The season premiere of Pedro shared The Blues don’t go according to expectations after Jose Mourinho just make it as a backup. But under the care of Antonio Conte, Pedro began to get a chance to contribute.
Pedro passing season in the Premier League with a sense of confusion. The player who plays as a winger for these only appear as much as 29 times in the Premier League and 2015/16 more often start the game from the bench. These conditions makePedro consider steps to return to Barcelona on the stock transfer last summer.
The arrival of the Conte to Stamford Bridge gives hope that bright for Pedro. Origin of the Italy Manager is willing to give the opportunity to the player to contribute to the Club. As a result, Pedro was able to meet the expectations of a positive performance with Conte that he pointed out.
“I feel good at Chelsea due to begin regular scoring. I hope it can continue this positive performance. I am happy that the decision to survive the terbuki right. I will provide a positive contribution for Chelsea, “said the uniformed Pedro.
Until the 13th week of the Premier League, Pedro has already appeared in 12 matches and contributed three goals for The Blues. At the weekend, Pedro came back positive performance showed the time claimed Chelsea struggled defending the position of the top of the table with facing Manchester City at Etihad Stadium (3/12/2016).
Liverpool midfielder Lucas Leiva, admitted it was difficult to play on a League Cup quarter-final action United Kingdom Leeds United counter, at Anfield Stadium on Tuesday (29/11/1999). Leiva confessed to grieve because of the genesis of original ClubBrazil plane crash, Chapecoense.439
“It is a terrible event. I’ve played with a couple of young players in there. To be honest, I was very difficult playing tonight, because I know a lot of people there, “said Leiva.
Chapecoense‘s squad suffered a fateful incident when about to compete in the finalof the Copa Sudamericana against Colombia, 2016, Atletico Nacional, Wednesday (30/12/2016). Such events have taken 77 fatalities. Most of the players, coaches, and officials Chapecoense died that wretched chartered aircraft.
“We just hope the family gets the support they need. Then to the victim, they rest in peace, “continued the Brazil midfielder.
Liverpool win 20 in the game. The Reds scored two touchdowns Divock Origi on 76minutes and Ben Woodburn (81 ‘). These results make Liverpool successful step intothe semi-finals. Meanwhile in the other matches, Hull City successfully get rid of Newcastle United through to the round of penalty kicks. The big four League Cup matches United Kingdom was planned to be occasions in January 2017.

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