Vieira: Pogba could not have to Emulate Messi and Ronaldo

The legend of the Arsenal, Patrick Vieira, giving advice to Paul Pogba to not emulateLionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo for the sake of success career alongside Manchester United (MU).


Pogba removed MU from Juventus in the summer is costing 90 million pound sterling or equivalent Rp 1.5 trillion. That number making it as a player with the most expensive transfer value in today’s world. Players 23 years it also signed the contract lasts five seasons.


The amount of transfer rate Vieira will certainly become a burden to the Pogba. However, the France national team legend it sure Pogba will succeed together THY origin play by being yourself.


“I was the fans of Pogba because I think he is a fantastic player. There is no need todoubt it, but I’m also sure the game in the Premier League and made there will be aburden on his shoulders because of price transfer as well as the expectations of the fans, “said Vieira.


I once read something interesting was said to Manager Jose Mourinho if Pogba will achieve many successes such as Messi or Ronaldo. If people expect he scored 40 goals in a season, then it’s not going to happen. But, she could make a difference in terms of physical abilities and techniques of the game goes, “said Vieira.


He has to find the right balance and do your best. He should not try to play like everyone else, “said the man who strengthened the Arsenal range 1996-2005 it.


Pogba successful live debuted with help MU 2-0 victory against Southampton, Friday (19/8/2016). In the game, players 23 years it featured 90 minutes and 83 percent of the three managed to do successfully, 9 dribbles, as well as four shots. With that, the Whoscored even made the Pogba as a man of the match with a value of 8.9.


Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp, pleaded not surprised with the performance of Sadio Mane appear quite impressive early-season match in Premier League squads together with The Reds.


Mane joined the Anfield from Southampton on 28 June 2016 with a transfer value of 34 million pounds. Along with Southampton, the 24-year-old midfielder 25 goals and 14 assists from a total of 75 matches.


Mane melakoni debut in the Premier League when facing Arsenal at the Emirates Stadium, Sunday (14/8/2016). In a match which Liverpool won 4-3, the player the origin of Senegal that accounted for one goal.


I am very happy with these players, but I don’t like to talk much after only two matches (against Arsenal and Burnley). We all know the quality is and how he fits in with our style of play, which makes the reason we recruited him over here, “said Klopp.


“We don’t need to celebrate ourselves every day because we are memboyongnya here. We have to keep trying to evolve and improve. So, there is no need to say (about the Mane) for the moment, the Manager of the origin of the Germany added.


After his impressive appearances against Arsenal, Mane should be absent when Liverpool face Burnley, Saturday (20/8/2016), because of injury. Is not yet known when former Red Bull Salzburg will be back to defend The Reds.


Midfielder Bastian Schweinsteiger ensured that Manchester United was his last Clubin Europe.


Since Jose Mourinho sat in the Manager’s Chair at May 27, 2016, Germany midfielder was starting to lose his place in the squad. In fact, Mourinho does not include action on Schweinsteiger pramusim.


In addition, Schweinsteiger also disposed of Portugal to the original manager of the Manchester United under-23. As a result, the former Bayern Munich midfielder hadnever defended the Red Devils on this season.


The latest news has it that Manchester United are ready to sell cheap priced Schweinsteiger i.e. 2 million pounds ($ 34 billion). That price is proportional to the time of THY memboyongnya of Bavaria in Munich with a price of 6.5 million pounds ($ 113 billion).


Manchester United will be my last Club in Europe. I respect other clubs. However,MU is the only club that made me leave Bayern Munich, “said Schweinsteiger account through Instagramnya.


“I‘ll be ready if the team needs me. Only I can say this about the current situation I face. I would like to thank the fans for the support is remarkable for a couple of weeks, he added.


A number of big European clubs have expressed interest to accommodate Bastian Schweinsteiger. From Italy, there’s Juventus and Lazio. Meanwhile, Glasgow Celtic became serious enthusiasts from Scotland.

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