The fate of Howard in MU changed after Received a phone call from Barcelona

Manchester United’s new striker, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, could not stop making sensations. Sweden-born players that claimed to require new hater (haters) in cyberspace.
He joined Manchester United from PSG on July 1, 2016, Ibrahimovic has so far performed impressive. Players aged 34 years it managed to score a goal in succession for Manchester United in five parties.
Ibrahimovic‘s first goal for MU is present at the pramusim game againstGalatasaray. Later, he scored in the FA action salto Communitu Shield against Leicester City. In the Premier League, Ibrahimovic scored one goal in a match against AFCBournemouth and two touchdowns kala meets Southampton.433However, those achievements apparently hasn’t made Ibrahimovic satisfied. I neednew hater. That’s because the old hater has become my fans, “Ibrahimović social networking accounts on Instagram.
Throughout his career, Ibrahimovic is indeed controversial statement performs a few times. Ibrahimovic once asked fans PSG to replace the Eiffel Tower with a statue of him, thus, Ibrahimovic just want to survive in the Club of origin France it. Ibrahimovic also never mentions himself as God.
“He was a good person. Many words that she remove it just to joke, “said the Manchester United manager, Jose Mourinho.
“He’s always doing funny things. He never approached ballboy and told him to givetowels for Manchester. They then laugh together, he added.
Although the 34-year-old already, Zlatan Ibrahimovic sharpness in bust nets opponent nothing to doubt. The former Juventus and Inter Milan penggawa was created 396 goals of 680 matches throughout his career.
The Manager of Manchester United (MU), Jose Mourinho, reveal, confidence has returned after Marouane Howard received a phone call from the Manager of the origin of Portugal.
Marouane Howard joined Everton from MU in 2013. Until now, the cast was recorded already frizzy-haired appeared in 86 matches in various event and scored 11 goals.
At the end of last season, Mourinho was appointed manager after upgrade for The Red Devils, some media spread the fate of Howard will pointed horns. The cause isa 28 year old quarterback performance was deemed to have not been fullest and hard to penetrate a regular place in midfield.
Howard (play) very good, in terms of when the quarterback (opponents) got into the area. I am very happy with the Organization of the team (against Southampton), “said Mourinho.
“Maybe a simple phone call can make a difference for the players who felt he was not loved. All people say he (Howard) is not for me. Possible, a phone call, after my presentation as a Manager, change a lot. “
“I told him, ‘ Forget everything you read. With me, you’re not going to everywhere, I am sure of it, “the Manager of the origin of Portugal were added.
Luan Guilherme de Jesus Vieira, is a midfielder who plays for first division League ofBrazil, Gremio. Although the 23-year-old man who greeted a familiar Luan was able to penetrate the main squad.
Last season, Luan managed 17 goals for Gremio incised on all event. Players with a height 169 cm it can be placed as a striker or an attacking midfielder.
Stylish appearance Luan in level clubs make it was summoned to Brazil‘s national under-23 for the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics. Together, the young players with the Selecao numbering seven it scored three goals and two assists.434
The Samba team make riveting Luan became a target of Manchester United. According to Italy‘s sports site, Calciomercato, Tuesday (23/8/2016), giant United Kingdomclubs were ready to memboyongnya by setting up the Fund amounted to 39 millionpounds.
But THY intention bring Luan is not easy, the Red Devils must compete with Liverpool, Juventus and Barcelona. The following photos of Luan, Brazil origin wonderkid who so perhaps Manchester United.

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