For the sake of Manchester United, Mourinho Rejected bids from Italy and Spain

Midfielder Paul Pogba live debuted alongside Manchester United against Southampton, party on Friday (19/8/2016). Manager Jose Mourinho was confused to determine the position that France midfielder.
Playing at Old Trafford Stadium in the Premier League‘s second week of 2016-2017,Pogba appear since the early minutes. Whoscored alerts you, former Juventus penggawa it do dribel eight times, winning two duel air, releasing four shots where the one that leads to the goal. Accuracy feedback Pogba reached 88 percent.
Pogba brought Manchester United closing the match with a 2-0 victory. Two goals in the victory of the Red Devil diborong by anyarnya striker, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, 36minutes and 52 ‘.
Pogba appear fantastic. Initially, he made some mistakes. However, you can see the ego a star. The way he played the full confidence and he’s phenomenal, “said Mourinho.
Throughout the game against Southampton, Pogba occupy a variety of positions. Initially, he played as a midfield anchor. However, Pogba then switched to an attacking midfielder position. He also helped several times Luke Shaw on the left side and down joint defense helps Marouane Howard.435“I had no idea should be put in a position where the Pogba. He has to play for free.However, we must build the organization around the game which the player has a role, he added.
Paul Pogba has a chance to show his ability when Manchester United visit Hull City to the Headquarters on third party Stage KCOM Premier League 2016-2017 (27/8/2016).
Jose Mourinho was appointed as Manager of Manchester United on May 27, 2016.The Special One professes to get lots of bids before selecting the Red Devils.
Mourinho dismissed Chelsea on December 17, 2015. Bad appearances in the Premier League with nine swallows defeat from 17 matches and feud with some of the senior players is the reason management mendepaknya.
After that, rumors about the new harbour Club Mourinho continues to grow. In fact,The Special One got around to getting an offer to become coach of the national team in Syria.
“I had a chance to go to Spain and Italy, but returned to the Premier League is something special,” explained Ronaldo.
In some countries, the big clubs want to leave smaller clubs, and smaller clubs would be uncompetitive. In the United Kingdom the opposite happens, all owners of clubs want their clubs so the greatest, “chimes in Barcelona.
Throughout his career, Mourinho has been recorded for directing a 7 of clubs. They are Benfica, Uniao de Leiria, FC Porto, Chelsea, Inter MIlan, Real Madrid and Manchester United. Red Devil is the second Premier League club under coach Mou after Chelsea.
Sometimes, I am a bit desperate to put up targets, such as winning every game and competition, and I know it’s impossible,” said Mou.
What I would do is play to win, and always expect the best results,” stated Mourinho.
Mourinho success presents the trophy to THY FA Community Shield at the beginning of his career. The Special One brought the Red Devils a 2-1 victory against Leicester City (7/8/2016).
Meanwhile, Jose Mourinho grabbed maximum points in the two games Premier League opponents to 2016-2017. MU win 3-1 against AFC Bournemouth in laga perdana (14/8/2016) and 20 against Southampton on the second game (19/8/2016).
Manager Jose Mourinho success takes Manchester United grabbed maximum points at the start of game 2 Premier League season 2016/2017. Former Red Devils Defender, Rio Ferdinand, assess The Special One has been restoring what was missing from the Manchester United since the era of Louis van Gaal reacted, namely confidence.
Manchester Premier League initiated the 2016-2017 quoting triumph 3-1 against AFC Bournemouth (14/8/2016). Then, the Red Devils bend Southampton 2-0 at Old Trafford (21/8/2016). The Red Devils victory two goals scored by Zlatan Ibrahimovic.
The big change I found in thee, in addition to a new player, is a mental game,” explained Ferdinand.436
“Under Van Gaal reacted over the past two years, there is a negative aura in the team and the coaching staff. I think thanks to Mourinho, Manchester United went froma team that was only focused to play on the wings of the field, into the team is raring to dominate games on all lines. This is a massive change for this season, “he added.
Since taking office as Manager of Manchester United on 7 August 2015, Against liveaction 4 trials with results twice, winning once and losing the draw. The Special won three competitive matches One originally shared the Red Devils, one in the Community Shield and two in Preimier League.
The team feared if opponents admire squads owned the team, such as the expressions oh that Zlatan Ibrahimovic, oh that Paul Pogba , and that is what we feel. You can win matches even when the match hasn’t started yet, “he said.

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