Antonio Conte defended Controversial Diego Costa

The Chelsea striker, Diego Costa, getting a lot of criticism after performing some action not commendable in the Premier League, 20162017. Responding to that, Manager Antonio Conte asked the player to ignore it and focus on the field performing resounding.
Costa was involved an incident with West Ham United goalkeeper, Antonio Adan, Prime action at Premier League 2016-2017 at Stamford Bridge, Monday (15/8/2016). Spain-born players were unaware of Adan and led the match halted for some time.
Costa is back doing no sportsmanship at the second Premier League game againstWatford, Friday (20/8/2016). She did her diving. Lucky, he could not get a yellow card from the referee.
I do not understand that the players, the Manager or the media is always saying bad things about it,” said Conte.432“I just want him to put yourself in the game. He doesn’t have to think of other things that are not good for him, Chelsea, the fans, and the Premier League as a whole,he said.
Diego has to focus on the match. I don’t want him to focus on other players, othermanagers, the press, or anyone who speaks poorly of him. It is very important to pay attention to during the game because he is an important player and can print a lot of goals, he added
The Blues grabbed six points in the two games thanks to the contributions of Costaas an actor deciding victory with two goals in the final minute of the match at krusialnya.
When dealing with West Ham United, Spain striker that scored on 89 minutes to victory London blue with a score of 2-1. While when meets Watford, Costa became a hero of Chelsea thanks to golnya 87 minutes with the same score.
The contribution of Diego Costa drove Chelsea are in fourth position while the Premier League standings, 2016-2017 by grabbing six figures. The Blues lead a third game with entertain Burnley at Stamford Bridge (27/8/2016).
The Manchester United Defender, Luke Shaw, defending myself from charges of conducting diving in a match against Southampton, Friday (19/8/2016).
The match took place at Old Trafford Stadium, the referee gives a penalty for Southampton defender after MU, Jordy Clasie, declared guilty of menjegal Shaw.
However in the anime film, Shaw looks to fall due to tripped over his own feet. Zlatan Ibrahimovic that appeared as the executioner penalty MU was able to complete the task properly. MU close matches with a 2-0 victory. After the game, Shaw gets a lot of blasphemy in cyberspace.
Many have told me that it should not rewarded a penalty. But, I am sure 100 percent that penalty. Clasie Scotch my foot. It’s 100 percent penalty, “said Shaw.
I am not a player who like diving or cheating. I am happy because it could have an important role to the one between goals Manchesster United, he added.
It marks the first appearance of Luke Shaw at Old Trafford after 11 months of absence due to a broken leg. United Kingdom-born Player was twice successful dribel, twice won the duel, and his accuracy rate reached 87 percent.431
“You can see that we won a lot of matches and has plenty of room for growing. This is a sign that we are a candidate for champion. However, I do not want to talk omogempty, “said Shaw.
“We have a good squad. Hopefully we can continue to practice hard together. We get to know each other and fight for the Premier League title this season, “said Shaw.
Luke Shaw has a chance to show his ability when Manchester United visit Hull City to the Headquarters on third party Stage KCOM Premier League 2016-2017 (27/8/2016).

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