4 things to be fixed Liverpool in the summer of 2016-2017

The presence of Manager Jurgen Klopp brings fresh wind in Liverpool. Last season,The Reds broke through the final of the Europa League. However, the performance of the troops at the Premier League Merseyside 2015-2017 is not quite satisfactory.
Liverpool had to admit the superiority of Sevilla in the Europa League final 2015-2016, which took place at St. Jakob-Park (18/5/2016). The Reds fell with the score 1-3.
Liverpool is also only capable of occupying the eighth position in the Premier League standings, 2015-2016 package with 60 points. Jordan Henderson et al. grabbed 16victories, 12 draws and 10 defeats from 38 matches.
The Reds perform poorly at the start of the Premier League 2015-2016, with only three victories until the tenth week. Seven other parties traversed Merseyside Red with two defeats and a draw five times.
As a result, Brendan Rodgers was sacked from the post of coach at October 2015 after only being able to pack four victories. Klopp, who was appointed as successor, brought The Reds grabbed 16 victories, 12 draws and 10 defeats. The percentage of his victory reached 42.11 percent.437
There are several factors that cause Liverpool appear insufficient to satisfy last season. The biggest factor is the loss of three pillars, namely striker Luis Suarez, Captain Steven Gerrard, talented young players and Raheem Sterling. To prevent similar things happen again this season, there are some mandatory Liverpool note.
Maintain consistency of appearance
All season 2015-2016, Liverpool scored first in 11 matches. However, The Reds wononly 7 matches.
According to the Daily Mail article on March 21, 2016, this makes Liverpool becamethe most clubs losing points at the end of the match, which is 15 points. The missing points derived from this match:
Tighten up defense line
Klopp acknowledged that defense is his biggest problem, especially after MamadouSakho get sanctions ban by UEFA to compete until the end of 2015/2016 because of doping cases.
“I was never happy with conceded, if I may be frank,” said Klopp.
It’s obvious where we are going to build this team and defense is our biggest goal, and certainly not reshuffle can be done on this season because we had to get through it until the end. We are very bad at the set piece. It is a thing we should change, “he added.
Another issue is that of Alberto Moreno could not run well role in the position of full back. This Spain-born players often make blunders, and the latest was when Liverpool win over Arsenal with a score of 4-3, Sunday (14/8/2016).
Players who were recruited from Sevilla in 2014 do fatal blunders which resulted in apenalty kick for Arsenal. Lucky Simon Mignolet, a goalkeeper, was able to drive off the ball by Theo Walcott.
Increase The Sharpness Of Lines Of Attack
Good Divock Origi, Daniel Sturridge, and Danny Ings had a problem each time spearheading Liverpool. Origi who can only perform 16 of 38 matches due to an injury to ligaments, had other problems, such as low productivity goals with new scored 5goals in 16 matches. The reason, he’s still hard to adapt to his new Club.
Sturridge also had problems with the issue of vitality, due to an injury to the calf, and she was only able to perform as many as 14 times last season. The severe knee injury struck Danny Ings until the end of the season, so he can only perform as much as 6 times and scored 2 goals.438
“Physically, I think of it in accordance with the standards of the Premier League, butI’m not sure he can perform to the maximum. It’s possible we play it for 20 minutes and he’s not scoring. He should use his ability at the right time, “explained Klopp regarding performance Origi on journalists after its defeat of Burnley to Dailymail.
Only Roberto Firmino capable appeared fit at last season, scoring 10 goals in 31 appearances. Sadio Mane that recently recruited from Southampton, it already shows tajinya scoring one goal at a time when the opponent’s 4-3 victory over Arsenal.
Maximize young players
Cederanya important players like Divock Origi, Daniel Sturridge, and Danny Ings, provide many opportunities for young players. Like the young winger Liverpool, SheyiOjo, who gave the assist on Danie Sturridge on the match against Stoke City (10/4/2016), and ended with a 4-1 victory for Liverpool.
There is also a midfielder Marko Grujic, who was brought in from Red Star Belgrade.The 20-year-old player that scored one goal through assists Sane. He could be the appropriate upholstery had injured Daniel Sturridge.

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