Miss the 5 Star Striker Premier League

Premier League competition in 2016-2017 has been rolling for two weeks. Star labeled the attackers began to show tajinya. Some were able to show the appearance ofresplendent, some are still able to adapt.
Than two weeks, created 50 goals. Manchester City became the team‘s most productive so far. Manchester Blue creates five goals in two games. Now, Crystal Palace being the only team that has not been created.
The magnitude of the productivity of the City in scoring makes them now occupies a top position klsemen while the Premier League with six points. Now, Manchester United were in second place by creating 5 goals and conceded one goal.
Zlatan Ibrahimovic has so far become a new phenomenon in the Premier League. Although the new feel of the atmosphere of the Premier League, Manchester United’snew striker was perched on the top of the list of top goal-scorer with three goals. Nicks golnya is equal to earned Manchester City striker, Sergio Aguero.
The following 5 best attackers miss the Premier League 2016-2017:
Harry Kane430Harry Kane that strengthen Tottenham Hotspur was the top scorer in the Premier League season by 2015-16. The predicate that takes him into the main United Kingdom national team striker kala competed on the 2016 European Championship. However, Kane failed to shine at the event.
Tumpulnya Kane continued in two games early this season’s Premier League. On the first weekend, 23 year old striker is in no way generate opportunities for The Lilywhites. Up to the second week, Kane has not contributed at all goals for his club.
Jamie Vardy
Jamie Vardy is one among the tersubur striker in the Premier League. But he was still trying to repeat the homage on the season yesterday. Vardy‘s performance in two games haven’t been able to serve as a benchmark achievements on this season.
In the summer of 2015-16, Vardy scored one goal in the first two games in the Premier League. But in this season, Vardy already past two games and still could not produce a goal despite releasing four kicks to the opponent.
Diego Costa
Diego Costa became one among the players toward the exit to Chelsea over the arrival of Manager Antonio Conte. Desire Costa to return to Atletico Madrid got no bright spots. Nevertheless, Conte still entrust one front-line position at Chelsea to him.
Conte‘s decision to retain the Costa proved right after he twice became the saviour of Chelsea in the early Premier League two games 2016-17. Goals scored Costa to play West Ham United and Watford made The Blues perfect points.
Positive performance shown Costa make Conte began thinking of menduetkan the player with Michy Batshuayi.
Sergio Aguero
Sharpness of Sergio Aguero need not doubt. Aguero has proven if he was a strikerwho thirsty for goals in the season‘s first two games in 2016-17. The Argentina striker is already breaking into the opponent’s net three times.
The performance shown Aguero made the player becomes the spectre scary for theline of other Premier League clubs defense. The striker scored 24 goals last season in the Premier League is one among the candidates for the title of top scorer is awarded the 2016-17 season.
Zlatan Ibrahimovic
Zlatan Ibrahimovic starting its inaugural season in the Premier League with the competition is incredible. The age of the players who‘ve touched 34 numbers do not reflect his abilities on the field. Ibrahimovic prove if her remains one of the best playersin the world.429
Ibrahimovic had already collected three goals in two appearances was originally in the Premier League. the collection makes it memuncari list of top scorer alongside Sergio Aguero while. Ibrahimovic chalked up five kicks toward the goal in the match against Bournemouth and Southampton.
The actual test for Inter came when United face Premier League‘s top clubs more.

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