Start Hard Clean Sheet, Juan Jesus Reveals Problem Inter

Inter started the trouble of compiling a clean sheet as they did at the start of the season. According to vice captain and defender Juan Jesus (24), he and his colleaguesbegan to focus on the difficulties of the back line.
The results counter the aftermath team Series standings is the second time in threefinal matches Inter conceded three goals.
Jesus cs only recorded one clean sheet in six matches after the successful recent record nine clean sheet of 13 matches start of the season.
The performance of the back-line that’s what makes the team topping the Serie A Club’s front-line though not maximum.
Jesus admitted that he and fellow at all is not happy with the performance of the sequence they are living now.422
Since entering the 2016, Inter conceded 12 times in nine parties in various event. The number one goal more than their entry numbers in the 18 Parties this season in 2015!
“We’re not supposed to lose points. Our approach is wrong, “said Jesus on Inter Channel.
Me and my colleagues cannot focus because they suppress us. Opponents condemn us and this is a valuable lesson for the team, “she continued.
At the very least, similar things have happened once. On a derbi Milan, Inter‘s defense lost the ball when pressured intensely.
Davide Santon was the party guilty of losing the ball in defence sector alone while Inter crushed 0-3 at the hands of their kesumat rivals.
On laga cons Hellas, Inter conceded three times in the head on top of the situation result from free kicks and a corner.
Jesus admitted how to prevent things like this to happen again is by working extra hard in between matches. He also promised that the team would perform a maximum stroke of the party opposed to Fiorentina on Sunday.
“We will prepare with better counter action ahead of Fiorentina,” said the Defender.
Defender Kalidu Koulibaly thanked supporters of Naples for the support that was given them as the match continued the Italian Serie-A against the Carpi FC Stadium inSan Paolo, Naples, Sunday (7/2/2016).
Unforgettable Moment for me. Thank you to all the supporters who have made San Paolo with impressive creations for me and the world, “wrote Koulibaly on account of his Instagram.
Thousands of supporters wearing a mask of Naples illustrated Koulibaly to support the Senegalese international footballer. Koulibaly becomes the victim of racial abusewhen his team won 2-0 at Lazio‘s headquarters.
On that occasion, the referee Massimiliano Irrati, referring to Regulationregulation of leagues, stop the match for almost four minutes to request that harassment stop. Lazio later imposed a fine of 50,000 euros (about Idr 757.821 million) and the Curva Nord (North Curve) at the Stadio Olimpico will be closed to fans in the next two games at home.
Although the decision to halt the match Irrati much-acclaimed as one of theLeague‘s new initiative to counteract racism, Koulibaly shows great taste hearts to parties who abused her by offering his Napoli jerseys to a child young-old goal which is the buff.
One group of supporters, Quelli del Sangue Azzurro” (The Blue Blooded) ask the fans of Napoli to show their full support to Koulibaly with wearing a mask that depictsthe faces of the players. Fans of any answer it when thousands of them, nearly filled the stadium with the faces of African players before the match against a team of guest starts.
AC Milan striker mannerisms, Mario Balotelli (25), making the steamy parties. After the AC Milan legend, Alesandro Costacurta, surrender to him, now turn Zdenek Zeman claimed to not want to take part of the train it.
Early last week, Costacurta said that Balotelli‘s presence is destructive.
In Milan I, he not only would play but he didn’t allow me to sign in to the dressing room,” said former tough Defender.Radja Nainggolan: Last Season We Just Play Pretty
The sentiment was felt also by Zeman, a 68-year-old man who is already unfortunate transverse in the world of coaching Serie medio since the 1980s.
Speaking to Domenica Sportiva, Zeman said that the experience of the segunungnya would not be enough to curb the behaviour of the Italy football bad boy.
A lot of coaches have tried to train it, only a few are successful,” said Zeman to show on the channel Rai Sport.
“At this point, I myself wondered whether it could train it. A shame, because technically, his ability no doubt, “continued the man‘s descendants CzechItaly.
Latest news even say if Milan will return to Liverpool after Balotelli got period endsafter this season.
The Merseyside stronghold actually offers the opportunity to purchase the AC Milanattacker with around 8 million euros, but the media reveal if both teams would agree to meet difficult.

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