Red Card 2 Warnai The Defeat Of Napoli

Naples increasingly difficult chasing Juventus in the Serie A title play-off after losing1-3 from host Udinese, Friuli, Communale Stadium on Sunday (3/4/2016). Match colored red card for Gonzalo Dismisses.


Udinese goal created by Bruno Fernandes in the 13th minute and 45, as well as Cyrilthe match in 57 minutes. Napoli is only able to reply through gol Dismisses 45 minutes.


The early minutes of the match, Udinese the initiative that took control of the game.New game run 12 minutes when the referee gave a penalty to Udinese after Bruno Fernanes violated Gabriel.


Bruno Fernandes who execute the penalty will not waste the opportunity and brought Udinese.

Radja Nainggolan: Last Season We Just Play Pretty

Lagging behind one goal, Napoli did not panic. They continue to suppress by relying on Gonzalo Dismisses in the front-line.


As a result, in the 24th minute, Gonzalo Dismisses scored through a penalty box area of Spurn. The goal is a goal in the 30th that Argentina midfielder in the Serie A this season.


Udinese got a penalty following an offence against Silvan Widmer Faouzi Ghoulam.However, Fernandes back into Hangman this time failed to do their job.


Fernandes pay satisfaction gaffe a few moments on the stroke down. He utilizes error Gabriel Zapata, Duvan anticipating and scoring kicks akrobatiknya.


Entering the second half, Napoli keteteran. Volley Match Udinese goals adds Cyril on 56 minutes.


Napoli failed to pursue increasingly difficult after a referee expelled Dismisses on 75minutes after kicking Felipe. The score did not change until the end of the game.


These results make the distance Napoli and Juventus at the top of the standings getting away. Now, with 67 points, Napoli is left behind six figures.


The number one goalkeeper of Juventus and Italy national team, Gianluigi Buffon, rejecting the opinion of people who call themselves as senior Hollywood actors, Al Pacino.


Some people call Pick similar to Al Pacino version young. Their similarities are both located in the eyes and nose.


Pick any claimed to admire figure Al Pacino. However, he simply does not feel his face similar to an actor aged 75 years.


Much Like Al Pacino? Really? Of course not, “said Buffon reported by FourFourTwo.


Further, Buffon claimed to often watched Al Pacino acting through the glass screen. There is one movie that became a favorite of the goalkeeper.


My favorite Al Pacino Movie? Oh, Scarface is the best, “said the player who deliver Italy to the 2006 World Cup champion that.


There are similarities between Buffon and Al Pacino. Both were awarded the prestigious title of series thanks to their totality in the job.


The most prestigious award a successful digaet Alpacino was Oscar. He was namedbest actor in 1993 for his role in the film Scent of a Woman.


Meanwhile, Buffon has ever grabbed the title best European goalkeeper in 2003 thanks to its role under the crossbar of Juventus.


AC Milan lost its figures of fundamentalists in the history of the Club. He is Cesare Maldini who passed away on Sunday (3/4/2016) in the early hours.


Cesare Maldini died at the age of 84 years. From the description of the family, the father of Paolo Maldini that died on the night of the turn of the day from Saturday toSunday.


The departure of Maldini into grief for world football, in particular Italy and AC Milan. Lobbed the 31st week of Serie A which was held Sunday, first observe the copyright held in honour of Maldini.


The departure of Cesare Maldini means a fundamental figure of the goings in the history of AC Milan,” wrote an official statement of the Club.


“He is the captain of AC Milan when won the Champions Cup in 1963 at Wembley.He is also the father of Paolo. In addition, an anagram of Milan is formed from the name behind it.


“The whole person in Milan feel bereaved and say condolences to Ny. Maldini, his sons, and his family.


Maldini was born in Triesta on February 5, 1932. The career of father of Sepatu Futsal Specs Defender Paolo Maldini, who is identical with the number 3 in the AC Milan’s costume, it begins at his hometown club, Triestina, in 1952.


As a player, name Maldini lifted when defending AC Milan between 1954 and 1966.When it is, he was delivering his team became League champions Italy four times, and one time won the Champions Cup.


Between 1960 and 1963, Maldini 14 times Italy national team, but failed to offer theprestigious title.


One defend Torino 1966-1967 season, Maldini then decided the cable shoes. The three-year pause, he then accepted the position of assistant coach of AC Milan in 1970-1972.


He then was appointed head coach in 1972, and take his team to grab the Cup Winners ‘ Cup in his first season.


His best achievement as a coach was noted when handling the young team Italy. Hebrought the team U-21 Italy three times European champion.

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