Official dismisses join Juventus

Two top scorer the previous season it was merged into one team looked at the newseason. That’s what happens at Real Madrid, 2016-17.
Earlier this week, Juventus’s official purchasing Gonzalo Dismisses from Naples with a price of 94 million euros or more than 1.3 trillion rupiah.
Means, The Old Lady has combined two Kings goals in Serie A 2015-16.
Last season 2-topping the list of Serie A top scorer with 36 goals in the Gazette.
Meanwhile, the Boulogne is occupied by the attackers Juventus, Paulo Dybala. He had 19 goals.
The prospect of how goals Juventus to be printed in the 2016-17 became very exciting create Juventini.
If the record Time and last season combined Dybala, Juventus scored 55 goals in potentially only from original Argentina striker duo!
That figure equals the total goal difference made Juventus throughout the 2015-16.
Of course its realization will not be as simple as that. But, the duet DismissesDybalaremains had up to a limit of 50 passing touchdowns scored two players from the same club in a single season.
Since Serie A provides three numbers to one victory in 1994-95, there hasn’t been a duet that could do it.423
The highest record was 41-goal, which uniquely published by Juventus duo Alessandro Del Piero, namely-David Trezeguet in 2007/08.
When that Del Piero scored 21 touchdowns while Trezeguet 20 goals. Del Piero became Serie A top scorer while Trezeguet was ranked two.
Legend Paolo Rossi, Juventus, gave his opinions a matter of what will be given 2-duetDybala for La Vecchia Signora next season.
Time will definitely be a little more scoring in Juventus. He had to divide the goalswith Dybala. But, I think the difference from last season will not be too great. He’s inthe peak of strength and will adapt quickly.
Dybala is very good and could be a Duet with anyone. So, I am sure he will form a partnership with a crazy Time. They could be one of the best striker duo in the history of the Bianconeri, “said Rossi in La Gazzetta.
Juventus has officially acquired striker Napoli, Gonzalo Dismisses. The Bianconeri agree enable Argentina player sales clause 28 year old it’s in his contract along with Il Partenopei amounting to 90 million euros (around Rp 1.29 trillion).
It was first confirmed by the official website of the Serie A, They claimed to have received details of a new contract Dismisses submitted by the Bianconerion Tuesday morning (26/7/2016).
2-has signed a contract lasts five seasons alongside Juventus. The former Real Madrid player was rumored to be receiving a salary of 8 million euros ($ 115 billion) per season.
Juventus willing to dispense the funds of that to have Time after the performance ofthe player shown glossy finish on last season.
In the summer of 2015-2016, Dismisses records 36 goals in Serie A matches 35. Achievement of that record-breaking former AC Milan striker, Gunnar Nordahl, who scored 35 goals in 37 Serie A match of the season, 1949-1950.
Francesco Totti (39) hoping Roma could find his successor when he retired. In addition, the captain at once an icon of Rome also tend to not continue a career in the United States or China.
Totti hasn’t made sure when it will be decided to end his professional career as a football player. Even he is still ambitious to win the title before retiring.
After no longer reinforce Rome, Totti is hoping the Club’s original capital of Italy was able to get a replacement for the standard, both in terms of quality as well as loyalty.
“I hope Roma find new Francesco Totti. Of course it will not be easy because of themany that I’ve done, “said Totti as reported by Gazzetta World.
However, Francesco Totti will always help the Romans created the great team though without his presence on the field, he said.424
Francesco Totti has revealed his desire to end his career in Rome. However, he had several times thinking of a career in the US though the word heart is heavier to Rome. He was also found not to be suitable career in China.
“I thought several times to come to America. However, the choice of my heart always persist in Rome, “said Totti.
“I can’t imagine a career in China. It will be hard for me, especially with mymentality, “he said.

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