Move to Juventus, Dismisses Official Also Paid the most in Italy

Edin Dzeko end speculation that calling it a chance to leave AS Roma on stock transfers this summer. This 30 year old DStriker also reveals his fascination towards the Manchester United‘s Manager, Jose Mourinho.
The performance was less convincing as a spearhead in the 2015-2016 season makeDzeko the departure rumors of Rome developed. He only was able to pack the eight goals from 31 appearances in Serie A.
Inter is the Club most often mentioned are interested to recruit a striker that Bosnia and Herzegovina national team.
However, coach Luciano Spalletti has ensured his team wanted to maintain Manchester City face competition next season. Now, any Victory confirms his intention to persist along West Club Wolves.
My future together. The news that circulated just speculation. If you want to go, I’ve done since January, “said Dzeko as reported by Il Corriere dello Sport.
Hughes also revealed his fascination terharap figure of the Manchester United manager, Jose Mourinho. He also has the desire to be able to feel the coach called The Special One.
“Yes, I certainly want to be trained by Jose Mourinho. He was one of the best coaches in the world. However, my players are Roma, “he said.
After removing Gonzalo Dismisses, Naples rushed search for a substitute bomber origin Argentina.
Partenopei, the nickname of Naples, to sell 2 to Juventus with a price of 90 million euros (around Rp 1.29 trillion).
Lost Time became a heavy homework for Napoli. How does? 2 was the top scorer in Serie-A season for 2015-2016 with nicks 36 goals from 35 matches.
One name that santer was reported to be a replacement for the Proprietary Dismisses was Arkadiusz is Ajax Amsterdam attacker.
David Pantak which is an agent of the Property justifies the interest in Naples. However, according to him, there has not been any agreement that has generated both sides.
It is true that I was in Amsterdam together have and it is also true that I had been in Naples to discuss it with the Director. However, we have not signed anything, “theobviously Pantak to Gazzamercato.
Property is one of the valuable asset of Ajax. Poland was the original bomber machine goal Ajax with 21 touchdowns and recorded 8 assists from 31 appearance on last season.
After he was transferred to Juventus, Gonzalo Dismisses (28) official listed as the most expensive purchase for Serie A Italy. The most expensive status also applies create salary earned the Argentina striker.
2-accounting salary 7.5 million euros per season or equivalent Rp 108.6 billion in contract for five years at Juventus.
Striker beralias El Pipita revenues rose 2 million euros from his last salary in Naples.
Magnitude now automatically Dismisses wage making it the highest-paid players in Serie a.
He shifts the position of the Roma midfielder Daniele De Rossi, who scooped up 6.5 million euros per season.
In the list of the top five most expensive salary nominal, Juventus is very dominatedby sending a 9 player!
After a Time, they were the players of the other newer, Miralem Pjanic, as well as the old mainstay such as Paul Pogba, Gigi Buffon, Giorgio Chiellini, Sami Khedira, Leo Bonucci, Claudio Marchisio, and Mario Mandzukic.
However, record-setting salary Dismisses not nothing compared to star players in the elite League of thick marsupials to other Europeans.
Take for example three La Liga, that superstar Lionel Messi, Xavi (FC Barcelona) andCristiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid).
In succession, Messi accounting for 20 million euros per season, followed by Xavi (18 million) and Ronaldo (17)!
Italy Serie D competition in 2016-2017 would diramaikan by the presence of members of the family Kondogbia and Balotelli in Foligno Calcio.
The figure is definitely not a Inter Milan midfielder, Geoffrey Kondogbia (23), and Liverpool FC striker, Mario Balotelli (25).
They are docked to the Foligno was the older brother of Geoffrey Evans, Kondogbia(27), and the younger brother of Mario Barwuah Balotelli, Enoch (23).
Evans, a winger, arrived on loan from Inter born May 3, 1989, it merged with the Nerazzurri in the same period with his brother, Geoffrey, last year.
The difference, Evans directly melakoni two periods on loan to Division III Club Italy,Renate, and Division III, Jumilla, Spain in 2015-2016.
Today, Evans again struggling with team semenjana like Foligno in Serie D or stratafourth in Italy‘s competition system.
If Evans has landed in Foligno, Enoch Balotelli still laboured to soon join the Club of Central Italy that.
Enoch will be removed from fellow contestants Serie D, Bogliasco. As well as the older brother, Enoch plays as a striker.
With the family bore the name of famous like Balotelli, Enoch has made public the Foligno enthusiast.

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