De Bruyne Ask City Don’t Panic

Manchester City likely failed scoop up figure entertaining full when Southampton atEtihad Stadium in the ninth match of the weekend Premier League, on Sunday (27/10/1999).
Author: Theresa Simanjuntak
After running toned with won all six matches Prime EPL 2016/17, slow-moving Cityon the two most recent League match with the result 0-2 defeat of Tottenham (2/10) and the series 1-1 with Everton (15/10).
The Citizens even without the victory in the last four matches in all competitions. Before the two-party League, they play a 3-3 draw with Celtic in advanced counterinsurgency League Champion 2016/17 (28/9).
In the middle of the week, the City also lost a disastrous 0-4 over Barcelona in LC.
Fortress City denied that they were in a State of crisis. Southampton is the proper test to prove himself to critics.

Never judge the quality of ranking standings Soton. They may only be in eighth position at the moment, but looking at the performance later, Claude Puel hosts squadwas able to make a City come back failed to earn the three points.
The power of the most visible Soton is the line of the back. In the last seven games in the entire event, Virgil van Dijk cs. six clean sheet and only conceded one goal!
The penalty is Michael Vokes who conquered goalkeeper Fraser Forster in gim Soton 3-1 victory over Burnley (16/10).
“We are very proud to note the Defense this season. It was very important because it feels it much easier for us to win the match if not suffer many goals, “said Forster at the site of the Club.
Thick wall Soton is clearly a challenge for middle line of attack City’s blunt. The landing team Pep Guardiola just scored one goal in two recent League party.
This action ends the series. Even so, there are two things that should be utilized to host to win the match.
The first, City fitter than Soton because getting a longer one-day break from his opponent.
The two teams both compete in the middle of the week. City trip to Barcelona on Wednesday (19/10) for the UEFA Champions League, while the Soton, who fought in the Europa League, visited the home to Internazionale on Thursday (20/10).
The second thing is the record. City won three and the series in four games this season without cages. Instead, they won once and lost twice in four away matches in the League the 2016/17.
Soton also had long not winning at home. The last time it happened in April 2004 with a score of 3-1.
Action Supporting Actor
The duel between the City against Soton can be determined by players who are notthe starter subscription.
From the fortress City, Kelechi Iheanacho figure could be the key to victory in relation to Sergio Aguero being the crisis. Last season, the 20-year-old attacker was slotted two goals to help his team win 4-2 at home to Soton in may 2016.
Iheanacho, who recently became a three-time starter in the EPL this season, could offer the sharpness in the front-line of his team. A total of two goals and one assist so far in the League is valid proof of ability Iheanacho.
In Soton, Shane Long, potentially becoming the hero of his team. The striker who recently became a starter three times had scored four goals against City.
Manchester City midfielder, Kevin De Bruyne, assessing his team don’t need to panic following the defeat of Barcelona at the matches of the group stage of the Champions League Wednesday, C (19/10/2016).
The Citizens were forced to surrender by Barca with a score of 0-4. Striker Lionel Messi became an important figure after he registered 3 goals. As for the other one goal, Neymar is packed.
The defeat adds to the minor notes that never win in the last four games. The records related to De Bruyne, claims to be sure the City could rise again in the next match.

A bad thing when you lose 0-4. However, in my opinion, the way we play is a good thing. In fact, a great team like Barcelona isn’t as easy as people think, “said De Bruyne.
De Bruyne assessing his team do not have to change her appearance refer to the defeat. The Belgium midfielder argues that due to defeat a number of mistakes committed team.
“In the end, they scored four goals. Look bad but I’m not sure we feel bad. People say what they want. This is the way we play and we’ll win a lot of matches like this, “said De Bruyne.
With the defeat, the City is now not won in four matches, having had time to obtain10 winning streak early in the season. Furthermore, the toughness of the City will be tested when entertain Southampton Sunday (23/10/2016).

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